The S.O.U.L. Plan Framework

A Roadmap to Higher Motives, Higher Standards, and

Higher Uses for Business

S.O.U.L Plan® is a framework for business leadership and financial management that helps entrepreneurs align their ambition to create wealth with God's plans for their life.  Entrepreneurs with a S.O.U.L. Plan have a strategic plan for creating Eternal Wealth!

Eternal Wealth® is what we create when our pursuit of an intimate relationship with God compels us to use our time, energy, and work to make money and invest resources in a way that builds God's economy.

God’s economy is God’s plan for the production and distribution of resources that produces shared value and uplifts life in the world.

Business owners with a S.O.U.L. Plan are called G Corporations.

Three Objectives of the S.O.U.L. Plan

Higher Motive for Being in Business is your purpose beyond profits. Your purpose beyond profits is a purpose you have been uniquely equipped to fulfill. This purpose is the foundation upon which you design your company’s business model to make a profit. Having a purpose beyond profits for your business helps transform you into a purpose-driven entrepreneur. It fuels your passion and perseverance during what can sometimes be an intimidating business ownership journey.

Higher Standards for Running a Business are standards of generous leadership. Standards of generous leadership help you build and maintain relationships that matter the most: relationships with yourself, other people, God, and money. Building and maintaining these relationships produces wisdom, understanding, and knowledge for managing all aspects of business operations, including the development and delivery of products and services, strategic planning, and management of human and economic resources.

Higher Uses for Business Profits are uses that produce shared value and Eternal Wealth. When business profits are used to empower people, financially, socially, environmentally, and spiritually, both inside and outside of the organization, they create shared value. Eternal wealth is what you create when you use business profits to not only benefit yourself, your company, and its internal stakeholders, but also to support non-profits, social enterprises, and individuals dedicated to creating and advancing God’s kingdom. Higher uses for business profits are profitable, sustainable, relationship building, and create Eternal Wealth.

For G Corporations, the purpose of business is to extend the impact of a company’s value chain beyond the creation of profits to include the creation of Eternal Wealth®.