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We help business owners demystify the capital raising process so you're prepared to create a business plan, pitch outside investors, and apply for a loan to start and/or grow your business. 


YES! I Need Help Preparing to Raise Capital!
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You’ve identified a problem in the marketplace that you can solve with your unique idea and you want to raise capital to fund your launch or grow your operations.

✅ You want to increase your chances of attracting investors.

✅ You want to cut your full-time work hours as an employee (because you might have to), so your side hustle becomes your full-time business.

✅ You want to become the entrepreneur you’ve dreamed about, who is securing a bright future for yourself, your family, and your community.

If this is what you want for your business… 

It means YOU ARE READY to get your business model funded.

Here’s the deal, even if it sounds good to you… 

🤔 You’re not 100% sure how to put together a well-designed business model that'll help you raise the capital you need…

🤔 The thought of learning the ins and outs of raising capital is overwhelming for you…

🤔 You’re not sure how to bootstrap your business launch and you need ideas that'll help you do more with less…

🤔 You’re questioning if you have an investable business idea…

🤔 And, the idea of crunching numbers to present to family, friends, banks, or investors makes you squeamish…

Listen, you are NOT alone.

It’s time to put these thoughts behind you because I will help you SKIP THE COSTLY MISTAKES people make when planning and getting their business funded.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a scaling business owner with a BIG idea that you want to launch into a profitable business…



YES! I Need Help Preparing to Raise Capital!

About Your Host

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Julaine Smith, CPA and Business Coach is the founder of the G Corporation Incubator, and the co-Managing Member for Ametra Advisors, an accounting and business advisory firm that provides outsourced accounting, business advisory and consulting services to its small business clients.

She is also an author, former radio talk show host, business coach, and creator of the S.O.U.L. Plan®, a framework for business leadership and financial management that's proven to help entrepreneurs create purpose driven businesses.

Julaine’s diverse career has helped her develop the skills she has now.

Before starting Ametra Advisors and the G Corporation Incubator, she served as division Chief Financial Officer for AT&T Broadband, Director of Technical Accounting for Pacific Telesis Group, Operations Controller for InterMedia Management, and Senior Auditor for Price Waterhouse.

She serves on several boards of directors for private and non-profit companies, and the advisory board for the School of Business and Management at Northwest University.

One of Smith’s most notable accomplishments was helping to raise $700 million in an initial public offering.

In our nine (9), pre-recorded workshops, I show you… 
  • Session 1: Strategies and Tactics for Capital Formation for Your Business

  • Session 2: Options Available to You for Raising Capital

  • Session 3: Business Planning Myths That You Need to Avoid When Raising Capital

  • Session 4: What Investors Care About and the Reasons Why They Should Invest in You and Why They Shouldn’t

  • Session 5:  Interview with a seasoned venture capitalist who’ll share secrets to help you communicate and work with investors

  • Session 6: Learn Whether You’re Better Off Bootstrapping Your Start-up Instead of Raising Capital

  • Session 7: Four (4) questions you must answer if you want to start a purposeful business

  • Session 8: Crushing Limiting Beliefs on Your Business Journey

  • Session 9: Financial stewardship for creating eternal wealth  
In just 9 one-hour sessions, you’ll walk away with the confidence to create your investment-worthy business plan… one that will attract investors’ attention and articulate a clear vision, purpose, and value proposition.


YES! I Need Help Preparing to Raise Capital!

What others are saying about Julaine and her Business Start-up Coaching:

"Julaine tackles an issue not often spoken about in companies--what else should we be doing besides just turning a profit? Her process is flawless.  Read this book; change your perspective!" - Dr. Julie Miller

 "Julaine’s book and business start-up coaching should be a requirement for anyone considering or starting a business as it provides a strong framework for figuring out those things that will help keep us feeling fulfilled with our lives while creating and maintaining a financially successful business." - Belinda

 "I find her message refreshing and most critical as the business landscape can at times be volatile and un-inspiring. Her message is uplifting and encourages you to expand your vision/understanding of the purpose of business. I wish her book was part of my MBA curriculum!!" - Cynthia B.

Raising Capital Business Building Workshop


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  • Upon purchase, you'll get immediate access to the replay recordings to watch the full 9-day live business building workshop.
  • 9 hours worth of video content packed with value on how you can kickstart your business.
  • Workbooks and Guides to help you prepare your next steps forward.
YES! I Need Help Preparing to Raise Capital!

Look at what other entrepreneurs say about Julaine…

Kaila A., Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

"Being a G Corporation made me realize, 'wow, I am gifted, I am anointed, I am able to do this, I am fearfully and wonderfully created.' Having a coach call out the things within you and say 'you are so worthy' is powerful."

Tia G., Style Coach

"Becoming a G Corporation taught me to step into what God has for me, unapologetically. It's made such a difference, even the community affirmation that there is value in what I do and why I do it."

Sherrell G. Business Owner

"Your SOUL Plan is working for me! Ever since I read your book I have been following it and God has been not only blessing me, but my company also. Yesterday, my company received an outstanding community partner award from a well-known organization, this could not have been done without your influence."